A doctor who has worked as a barista is expected to have decent communication skills and open to meeting all and sundry. Or so you’d think:


  • ME:
    Good morning ma’m. I’d love a coffee from a barista like you. You’d love to serve me too wouldn’t you!
    Sent 2:02am
  • ME:
    You don’t have to be shy around me Meg! It’s as easy as saying “hi”. Now you try it!
    Sent 2:05am
  • ME:
    Wow, I would never have imagined you for being a doctor, let alone a barista, with that lack of communication and basic courtesy. This is the problem with women in Australia today. They feel it’s below them to initiate, and to engage in conversation with men who show interest in them. What a bunch of self entitled mollycoddled princesses with an unrealistic sense of self worth.
    Sent 2:13am
  • An image of megaanc
    I don’t consider it below me to initiate conversation with someone, I just have enough self worth to believe I don’t have to submit to men who display arrogance or a sense of entitlement that I find unappealing. I wouldn’t have been so blunt but when you insult me like that I feel that I have a right to respond
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  • An image of megaanc
    Women have the right to be selective with whom they speak to just like men do
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  • An image of megaanc
    I don’t find your personality attractive. So i shouldn’t be expected to follow your advances.
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  • ME:
    Actually, I’d rather you be blunt than hide in a corner and keep your insecurities all bottled up. If a friendly approach is considered a display of arrogance, I wonder what you’d feel when you are really put down (e.g. told to hop on a treadmill). You have a right to enjoy yourself with a friendly conversation, but it’s rather sad that women today prefer to use such approaches to boost their ego (self gratification), but only choose to engage in drama or negativity as an expression of unapparent inequality between genders. Go Feminism I hear you shouting. Oh boy, this is certainly not what I want. No wonder everyone’s going for foreign brides.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to put you down. I would much rather have liked to have had a pleasant conversation with you, but I don’t see that happening as this bridge has been burnt. I wish you all the best in your search. Take care.
    Sent 2:26am


Another display of how Australian women overlook friendly conversation starters but, out of their own admission, choose to respond to negativity. It’s easy to bring out their inherent feminist attitudes by making a generic statement about women when you really mean to make statements about that one particular woman (but didn’t want to make it seem too personal). Be a man and put them in their place and end things before they do.


Hello world!

Australia, the land of the friendly, beautiful, and incredibly irresistable women. Right? Australia’s capital cities should be buzzing with them, right?

WRONG! Ask Australia’s population of single men what a nightmare it is to deal with women here. Many men will tell you that the majority of Australian women have serious attitude problems. You may have heard the following descriptions about them:

  • Gold diggers aka modern prostitutes and porn stars. They’ll trade sex for your wealth + assets + status + network
  • Sense of self entitlement. They’re a bunch of mollycoddled princesses who expect nothing short of the best.
  • Unrealistic expectations. The average looking overweight woman with no decent job or education will be demanding a 6ft 2 celebrity-looking stud who went to a private school, plays rugby and has a high-flying network.
  • Sleep around even when in relationships
  • Have their walls up higher than the barracks of a palace but let them drop to rubble the moment they realise they need something from you. Out comes the fake smile and personality.
  • Racist, narrow-minded, bigoted, illogical. To them, white is right, and everyone else is sub-human. Yet they subconsciously follow other people’s culture e.g. yoga (Indian), Asian take away, RNB/Hip Hop music (African American) etc.
  • Think chopping veggies and tossing on dressing is cooking.
  • Lazy.
  • Energy vampires and drama queens
  • Love to enjoy life off the sweat and blood of somebody else, be it their male partners, their parents or their friends.
  • Drunk most of the days. Addicted to caffeine during the day and alcohol during the evenings.
  • Think bathing in deoderant is real bathing.
  • They have no substance or character. They think they’re funny. They think sarcasm translates to ‘cool personality’.
  • They have nothing to bring to the table but place a lot of demands on men e.g. “I want a guy who can make me laugh, take me out, is good in bed” etc.
  • Feminist douchebags. They love playing victim for everything. It’s even considered “sexual harrassment” to call someone “blonde” now. smh.

Try interacting with them on anĀ online dating site and you won’t struggle to discover some or all of these elements. The most strikingly obvious traits online will be their walls, their attitude, sense of entitlement, and artificial feeling of self worth. They can’t accept a decent man or engage in a pleasant or fruitful conversation. They think it’s all right to treat people like crap but can’t take it when the tables are turned.

Hello world!